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Secreto Travel – Pioneering Odyssey for Adventurous Women+!

At Secreto Travel, we’re the architects of exhilarating adventures to our planet’s remote places, exclusively designed for brave female adventurers. Our specialty is the heart of Africa.

Our vision?
To champion the movement of “female empowerment” and inspire women+ to turn their adventurous dreams into reality.

Our founder, Jenny, is no stranger to solo travel, especially when it involves a whirlwind of activities across the African landscape. Her journeys introduced her to a remarkable sisterhood of brave and inspiring women. Out of this shared spirit, the concept of crafting our very own adventure tours was born, with an initial focus on Africa.

Countless heroic and adventurous women+ are out there, yearning to explore the far-flung corners of the world. However, not everyone is ready to embark on their journey alone.

This is where Secreto Travel steps in, leading you to destinations hidden from the masses, where the beaten paths dare not venture.

Jenny’s passion extends beyond exploring the underwater realms and the creatures of the deep blue. She’s also a fervent motorcycle enthusiast. Having once participated in an all-female off-road training, she was struck by the incredible atmosphere and camaraderie among the participants. She thought: “Why not bring this spirit to Africa?”

Rest assured, our travel destinations have been carefully chosen, and we’ve personally explored each one, relishing extraordinary experiences.

But remember, this is still remote travel and Africa, where not everything is readily available. This might affect the variety of food, access to electricity, healthcare facilities and luxury comforts.

That’s precisely why our journeys are wild, raw, and undeniably adventurous, while maintaining a level of comfort that allows you to explore with peace of mind.


Exclusive Female Bond

Our tours provide a unique space for female travellers to connect and bond
with like-minded women+.

Tailored Experiences

Our tours are thoughtfully designed for adventure travellers, whether it’s activity, culture or relaxation, we cater to it all.

Professional Guides

Expertise and professionalism is unique for our local guides. Female travellers can trust that they’re in capable hands.

Staying Active

Secreto Travel brings you activities that not only set your body in motion but also awaken your soul. With our outdoor adventures, boredom is simply not an option!

Personal Contact

We are committed to exceptional customer service and readily available to answer questions and assist before, during and after your trip.

Passion for Adventure

Our team shares your enthusiasm for exploring the world and is dedicated to providing
memorable experiences.

Our Team



Reaching her late thirties, freshly licensed to drive a motorbike, she decided to test her skills on German roads. Little did she know, when an invitation to a wedding in India would change her life’s path. With a dear friend by her side, they made a bold choice: renting a motorcycle in India to embark on a 700-kilometer journey to the wedding, all on their own.

But that’s just where the story begins. Fuelled by this newfound addiction and the adrenaline rush from a daring exploit along a gravel road in the South Indian hills, Jenny made a brave decision. She shipped her brand-new enduro bike from Germany to Africa.

From Namibia through Botswana and into South Africa, she ventured solo on her trusty machine. Confronted by the raw reality of African roads and conditions, her daily route plans shifted like the sands of the desert. The learning curve was steep, the individuals she encountered were fascinating and incredibly supportive. It was during these moments, each time she found fellow riders to share the journey, that the idea began to sprout. Traveling together sounded like more fun and an adventure exclusive to women appeared even more enticing.

Her journey continued to Mozambique, where she realized a long-held dream: becoming a scuba-diving instructor. It was an incredible experience and her love for diving and the underwater world never vanished.

And so, the idea for Secreto Travel was born, fuelled by her remarkable adventures and the belief that shared journeys and female-focused adventures could bring even more excitement to the road ahead.


Guide & Tour Consulting

Nina is our expert for hiking and diving trips. She adores the sea, the mountains, diving, climbing, hiking and being in the great outdoors as often as possible.

With Nina, you have a very versatile guide at your disposal. Coming from the tourism industry, she is also an experienced diving instructor, having taught in various places around the world and a gifted artist. One of her artistic designs can be admired as a tattoo on Jenny’s leg.

Join us on one of our tours and you’ll have the unique opportunity to get to know her fun, patient and courteous character


Guide & Tour Consulting

Experience Anna in her true element: traveling! With her cheerful, kind and courteous nature, you’ll immediately embrace Anna in your hearts and she’ll invite you into hers.

Her smile is infectious! That’s why she thrived as an experienced solo traveller in Africa. You can rely on her abundant courage and vast experience. Anna adores diving, hiking, safaris and her dog Charlie.

Anna serves as a guide and expert for our safaris and round trips and is available as a German-speaking contact on selected tours.

Reviews of our Guests

VANESSADuisburg, Germany
Mozambique off the beaten path
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My stay in Mozambique was one of the best vacations of my life! It was simply like being in paradise - from the warm-hearted people to the top-notch guides.

The activities were just insane. I could unwind and experience loads of action simultaneously. The entire organization was simply superb.

Tofo in Mozambique has an unmatched vibe, incredibly friendly people and an atmosphere that utterly fascinated me. I can hardly wait to come back!
KATHRINKrefeld, Germany
Mozambique off the beaten path
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Tofo is a seaside paradise. We witnessed whales jumping on the horizon daily and during a snorkelling trip with Jenny, we had a whale shark right beneath us: an incredible experience.

We went diving and embarked on day trips to remote locations we wouldn't have found without Sectreto Travel. Thanks to Jenny's excellent local connections, we had individual tours to 'lost places,' like a paddle excursion through the mangroves from an abandoned former luxury hotel, followed by dinner at one of the finest, albeit secluded restaurants run by a French couple.

One of the best vacations in a long time and definitely a worthwhile and memorable journey.
STEPHBristol, UK
Mozambique off the beaten path
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I felt like I was in paradise. Tofo has a unique charm and Jenny managed to show me the best and most adventurous spots that I might have never seen in my life without Secreto Travel.

This journey was simply breath-taking. I discovered secluded gems far from the tourist crowds, tried delicious Mozambican specialties and even went diving with Manta rays! Definitely a trip that was worth it!

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