About this Adventure


Dive or learn how to dive and
unwind with your personal yoga programme. 

Where? In Tofo, the tiny paradise in  Mozambique.

A hidden gem, an untouched, spiritual African village amidst the beauty of Mozambique.
The insider tip for the ultimate escape – authentic, welcoming and safe.

A turquoise ocean right at your doorstep! An endless white sandy beach gently stretching
out invites you to relax and rejuvenate. But that’s not all. Immerse yourself in a
captivating underwater world waiting to be explored.

Here, you can shape your days as you please.

Relax with yoga, ride the waves, go diving and snorkelling, perhaps even with
majestic whale sharks or dolphins.

DO yoga & Go Diving or learn how to dive in one of the most
paradisiacal places on earth!

Dive into the wonders of african wildlife and experience
the adventure of a lifetime.

Tour Overview


Days: 12 (11 nights)


Price: from 1,715 €

No. of participants: 8-14

Visa: No visa required for most EU nationals. Entry fee on arrival.


  • double room
  • single occupancy available for an additional fee

Notice: This journey is not suitable for individuals with limited mobility.

The timing of the activities depends on weather and sea conditions and may differ from the planned itinerary.

What's included?

  • Airport transfers
  • Accomodation in a double room (double occupancy) at Liquid Dive Adventures Scuba Dive Resort Tofo
  • Breakfast & lunch at the Scuba Dive Resort
  • Drinking water
  • Yoga group sessions in the morning & afternoon
  • 1x Ocean Safari: whale shark snorkelling
  • 1x Introductory diving course "Discover Scuba Diving" including gear, theory, pool excercises, 1 shallow water dive in the sea
  • With existing diving certification, 1 shallow water dive including diving gear
  • 20% discount on all additional diving activities that you can optionally chosse on-site
  • English speaking yoga instructor
  • German speaking contact person on-site

What's excluded?

  • Flights to and from Mozambique
  • Visa/entry fee (~10 USD)
  • All additional meals and drinks
  • All other activities
  • Full diving courses
  • All additional dives and diving gear
  • Travel insurance
  • Diving insurance and medical examination
  • Single room supplement
  • Tips

What's included?

  • Airport transfer to/from Inhambane
  • Accomodation in a double room (double occupancy) at Liquid Dive Adventures Scuba Dive Resort Tofo
  • Breakfast & lunch at the Scuba Dive Resort
  • Drinking water at the accomodation
  • Yoga group sessions in the morning & afternoon
  • 1x Ocean Safari: whale shark snorkelling
  • 1x Introductory diving course "Discover Scuba Diving" including gear, theory, pool excercises, 1 shallow water dive in the sea
  • With existing diving certification, 1 shallow water dive including diving gear
  • 20% discount on all additional diving activities that you can optionally chosse on-site
  • English speaking yoga instructor
  • German speaking contact person on-site

Your Travel Destination

Your journey begins in Tofo. The domestic airport in Inhambane is located approximately 30 minutes away. Inhambane is best accessed from the airports in Johannesburg (South Africa) or Maputo (Mozambique).

Tofo is a tranquil Mozambican fishing village with a very welcoming atmosphere and modest tourist infrastructure. In addition to the local Mozambican offerings, Europeans and other expatriates have also settled here, cultivating a tourist experience defined by serenity, tranquillity, spirituality and individuality. It’s a hidden gem that remains untouched by the masses, making it a true insider’s tip among the paradises on Earth.

Your Accomodation

Enjoy your own private terrace and the modern interior of your rooms. The bungalows are located directly on the beach and also the pool, the Yoga area and the restaurants offer a magnificent view of the ocean. You wake up every morning to the sound of the waves.

The resort boasts two exclusive restaurants crafting culinary masterpieces. One is a haven for vegetarians, while the other specializes in delectable seafood dishes.

Within walking distance, you’ll find additional restaurants, Tofo’s local market, and a small supermarket.


Your Tailor-Made Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival & Welcome

You will land in Inhambane at the small regional airport and be picked up from there. After approximately 20 to 30 minutes of travel, you will arrive at your accommodation in Tofo.

Now it’s time to settle in: Make yourselves comfortable and feel the relaxed atmosphere of this small, hidden paradise.

You will be welcomed by the resort manager, shown to your room, and introduced to your yoga instructor as well as your German-speaking contact person.

On the first evening, we would like to visit a dinner option in the village together with you. Tofo offers some interesting restaurant choices. You can explore these on subsequent evenings either with us or on your own.

Day 2: Start of your Yoga Programme

You begin the day with your yoga instructor Teagen. Teagen teaches Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga and on the first day, she will provide you with an introduction to her yoga style.

After breakfast, we will organize with you the start of your introductory diving course, or if you are already certified divers, we’ll plan your desired dives together.

In the afternoon, you immerse yourself in your second yoga session.

Day 3 to 10: Yoga, Scuba Diving & Ocean Safari

Your Yoga program now takes place daily, as well as your individually tailored diving program.

For your personalized diving program, it depends on the daily weather and ocean conditions, whether you’ve opted for a full beginner’s course after your introduction and the size of the group. Based on these factors, decisions will be made on how the course will proceed on different days.

As some of the dives start early in the day (at 07:30 am), it’s possible that you may not be able to participate in every morning yoga session.

On one of the days, the Ocean Safari (2h) will also take place. The Ocean Safari is an opportunity to get to know the wilderness of the sea. On a two-hour guided boat tour along the southern coast of Tofo, we embark on a slow zigzag course in search of whale sharks, dolphins and other ocean creatures. This tour offers everyone the unique opportunity to snorkel with these gentle giants.

After a thorough briefing about the wildlife you can potentially encounter above and below the water and the rules for snorkelling with whale sharks, your guide and skipper will take you on a small zodiac (up to 14 participants) and watch out for large, dark shadows and dorsal fins in the water.

Once a whale shark is sighted, the boat stops and on the skipper’s command, you can have the opportunity to quietly slip into the water. Don’t worry; the world’s largest shark has no teeth and is often very slow and gentle. The skipper and the boat will accompany you, keeping you in their sights and picking you up right where you are in the water.

Of course, there is no guarantee of encountering whale sharks; we’re dealing with nature. However, Tofo is one of the few places in the world where we can encounter whale sharks year-round.

Additionally, we can assist you in organizing other daily activities, such as a surfing lesson, a day trip on a traditional sailboat with seahorse snorkelling or a long beach hike.

Day 11: Goodbye Tofo & Relax Day

Today is the day to say goodbye, a leisurely day where you can once again savour the tranquillity and serenity of Tofo.

Your yoga instructor has a special morning program for you today, concluding the day with a meditative session in the afternoon.

In the evening, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to toast to a successful journey together in a beautiful restaurant.

Most of you will be heading home by plane. Therefore, on the last day before departure, there will be no more diving.

Day 12: Departure

You’ll leave beautiful Tofo for Inhambane Airport (approximately a 30-minute drive) and start your return flight.

Your Yoga Instructor

Teagen is a Yoga teacher and spiritual healer. Teagen has been teaching for 10 years and has over 450 hours of teacher trainings under her. She safely and gently guides her students through Hatha and Vinyasa flows and brings more eastern styles and modalities of Yoga to her practices. Teagen is a proud South African and has spent time in Mozambique as a child. She has a deep love for Africa and the ocean and will incorporate this into her programmes and classes.

What does Yoga mean to Teagen?
Yoga is spiritual, physical and mental practice. The word Yoga means to connect, join or balance. The purpose of Yoga is freedom. Freedom from attachment, insecurities, limitations and everything that takes you away from your divine life journey. Yoga is the journey into self, through self. It is the practice of quietening the ego and allowing the soul to soar. It ignites your fire and grounds your energy. It is a cosmic dance that the universe teaches us so that we may find sanctuary in our only true home: our bodies.


Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • Deep peace and relaxation
  • Quietening of the mind
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Stress and tension release

Diving in Mozambique

Diving in and around Tofo

Diving in Tofo is something truly special, especially due to encounters with large marine creatures and rarely explored reefs. Biodiversity is one of the major attractions. Depending on the season and luck with nature, there is a chance to spot manta rays and other ray species, turtles, humpback whales, whale sharks, dolphins and sharks. 

The reefs consist of a mix of rocks and corals, with reefs often starting at depths of 20 meters or more. Conditions for divers can be challenging at times. There are periods when deep dive sites may be affected by currents and shallow sites may be influenced by wave movements. Conditions change daily and are hard to predict, making diving in Tofo exciting! 

That’s why diving in Tofo remains flexible regarding the dive schedule and choice of dive sites. Safety always takes top priority!

Learning to Dive

If you opt for a beginner course, you will be certified by PADI.

The beginner course includes a theory package, which you can complete online and also on your mobile phone with the help of the PADI app. The practical part involves several sessions of pool exercises and four dives in shallow water. Some exercises learned in the pool will be repeated in the ocean. Equipment for the course is provided, but it is recommended to purchase your own diving mask that fits your face perfectly.

Preparation for dives and courses often starts early in the day (07:30 am) or around noon depending on the booked dive. You will receive your individual schedule on-site.

Detailed information and prices for courses and dives can be found at the following link:

Optional Activities in and around Tofo


If you choose this option, you’ll head towards Barra, a place known for its mangroves and a tropical tidal zone – home to numerous tropical juvenile fish. On board the Dhow – a wooden, simple, traditional Mozambican sailing vessel – you’ll sail through a tropical tidal zone to a small village.

Along the way, you’ll anchor in the turquoise, shallow waters for a group snorkelling session. The shallow marine areas provide shelter to many young reef fish, as well as starfish and sea urchins in various colours. Seahorses inhabit the seagrass beds and your guide will show you where to find them. Snorkelling equipment will be provided, but you’re also welcome to bring your own aboard.

After snorkelling, you’ll visit the Mozambican village for a lavish, local lunch. Here, you’ll also take a small tour of the village, seeing the school, the health centre, the small huts of the village and getting an impression of how the traditional sailing boats are built (only if in operation).

With satisfied appetites, you’ll sail back and later fall into a deep sleep, full of experiences.

Duration: Full-day tour


Tauchen in Tofo


You can book an introduction lesson (60 minutes) with a local Mozambican surf instructor, including a beginner’s board.

Your surf instructor will demonstrate dry exercises on the beach, showing you the best stance on the surfboard. Afterward, you’ll head straight into the waves in the Tofo Bay. Your surf instructor will be in the water with you and the surfboard, helping you catch a good wave. They will provide instructions on how to stand on the board effectively.

The waves in Tofo are powerful, and you may get tired quickly. It’s advisable to eat something beforehand and drink enough water to have sufficient strength. Sun protection is also crucial!

Of course, the prerequisite is that you can swim.


You can enjoy kayaking in the mangroves of Barra. Typically, the excursion heads towards Barra in the morning, specifically targeting the mangroves. On a guided kayak tour, you paddle in tandem kayaks through the shallow waters. There is an opportunity to discover the local birdlife and search for crabs and starfish in the water.

Following the tour, there is always an opportunity for lunch at a beach bar or a nice restaurant afterward.

Duration: Kayaking 2 hours


Tofo’s beaches seem endless, allowing you to walk for kilometres with few encounters.

It’s entirely possible to go on independent beach walks. Occasionally, you may encounter beach vendors offering fresh coconut water, bracelets and various other items. While this may seem bothersome at times, a simple “No, thank you” is usually sufficient. The vendors are harmless and often appreciate a friendly chat.

On selected days, there is also the opportunity to participate in a beach clean-up, often organized by the surrounding dive shops or the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Unfortunately, no place on Earth remains untouched by plastic, although it is relatively limited in Tofo. However, every piece of plastic collected counts, preventing it from ending up in the stomachs of the stunning marine megafauna.


The beach is influenced by tides, causing water levels to vary. Tides also affect the currents along the shore. Therefore, it is strongly advised NOT to swim alone in secluded areas; only swim where there are many people (Tofo Bay, near the market). Lifeguards are only on-site on selected days.


Tofo boasts excellent restaurants.

Here’s a selection of cuisines to look forward to: Japanese & Sushi, Indian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Asian Fusion, Mozambican, Italian, South African, Burgers, Fish.

For a small price, you can still enjoy truly local, traditional cuisine. Matapa, a rice dish with cassava leaves (similar to spinach) in a peanut and coconut-based sauce, is very popular.

Local fish is also caught here. Traditional fishermen venture far into the ocean with wooden boats and paddles to bring back their catch to Tofo, which is then available at selected times on the small marketplace.

In the evenings and at night, there are music and dance events on selected days. Either with live bands or DJs spinning tunes, often outdoors.

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