Mozambique: Bootcamp, fitness & Scuba

About this Adventure

Experience an unforgettable adventure with our fitness and bootcamp package that takes you to tropical shores where you can test your fitness while exploring the fascinating underwater world.

Learn to dive or perfect your skills amidst breathtaking underwater landscapes, all while building strength and endurance through intensive training sessions.

Where? In Tofo, the little paradise in Mozambique!

A hidden gem, an untouched, spiritual African village amidst the beauty of Mozambique.
The insider tip for the ultimate escape – authentic, friendly and safe.

A turquoise ocean right at your doorstep!
An endless, white sandy beach gently stretching before you, inviting you to relax and unwind.

Wheter Diving, Fitness, Bootcamp or meditation sessions:
all for you at one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Tour Overview


Days: 12 (11 nights)


Discover Scuba Diver: 1,840€
Certified Diver: 1,785 €
Incl. Beginner’s Course: 2,245 €


13.06. – 24.06.2025

Humpback whale season: June – September

No. of participants: 8-14

Visa: No visa required for most EU nationals. Entry fee on arrival.

Diving Options:

Dive Packages, Diving Courses


Beach Bungalow (double bed)
at Liquid Dive Adventures Scuba Resort
(single room supplement possible)

Note: This journey is not suitable for individuals with limited mobility.

The timing of the activities depends on weather and sea conditions and may differ from the planned itinerary.

Was ist inklusive?

  • Airport transfer from/to Inhambane
  • 11 nights accomodation, breakfast & lunch at the Liquid Dive Adventures Scuba Resort in a Beach Bungalow (double occupation)
  • Drinking water (bring your refillable bottle)
  • German- and English-speaking bootcamp, fitness and yoga teacher
  • Fitness, bootcamp, yoga group sessions in the morning and afternoon
  • 1x Ocean Safari: whale shark snorkelling
  • 1x Whale Interaction Tour: humpback whale tour
  • 1x traditional sailing trip & seahorse snorkelling including lunch & soft drinks
  • Try scuba-diving 1 day (can be extended to beginner's course)
  • For certified divers: 1 shallow water dive incl. diving gear
  • For those choosing a beginner course: course fee for theory & practice, equipment, diving during the course
  • 20% discount on all further diving activities
  • German- and English-speaking female guide on-site>

What's excluded?

  • Flights to and from Mozambique
  • Visa/entry fee (~10 USD)
  • All additional meals and drinks
  • All other activities & diving courses
  • Travel insurance
  • Diving insurance
  • Diving medical examination
  • Single rrom supplement
  • Tips

What's included?

  • Airport transfer from/to Inhambane
  • 11 nights accomodation, breakfast & lunch at the Liquid Dive Adventures Scuba Resort in a Beach Bungalow (double occupation)
  • Drinking water (bring your refillable bottle)
  • German- and English-speaking bootcamp, fitness and yoga teacher
  • Fitness, bootcamp, yoga group sessions in the morning and afternoon
  • 1x Ocean Safari: whale shark snorkelling
  • 1x Whale Interaction Tour: humpback whale tour
  • 1x traditional sailing trip & seahorse snorkelling including lunch & soft drinks
  • Try scuba-diving 1 day (can be extended to beginner's course)
  • For certified divers: 1 shallow water dive incl. diving gear
  • For those choosing a beginner course: course fee for theory & practice, equipment, diving during the course
  • 20% discount on all further diving activities
  • German- and English-speaking female guide on-site>

Your Travel Destination

Your journey begins in Tofo. The domestic airport in Inhambane is located approximately 30 minutes away. Inhambane is best accessed from the airports in Johannesburg (South Africa) or Maputo (Mozambique).

Tofo is a tranquil Mozambican fishing village with a very welcoming atmosphere and modest tourist infrastructure. In addition to the local Mozambican offerings, Europeans and other expatriates have also settled here, cultivating a tourist experience defined by serenity, tranquillity, spirituality and individuality. It’s a hidden gem that remains untouched by the masses, making it a true insider’s tip among the paradises on Earth.

Your Accomodation

Enjoy your own private terrace and the modern interior of your rooms. The bungalows are located directly on the beach and also the pool, the open space fitness/yoga area and the restaurants offer a magnificent view of the ocean. You wake up every morning to the sound of the waves.

The resort boasts two exclusive restaurants crafting culinary masterpieces. One is a haven for vegetarians, while the other specializes in delectable seafood dishes.

Within walking distance, you’ll find additional restaurants, Tofo’s local market, and a small supermarket.

Your Tailor-Made Itinerary

Upon arriving at Inhambane Airport, you’ll be picked up by our driver and taken to your accommodation. Don’t worry, the airport is small, and our driver will find you easily. Take some time to settle in, relax, and get to know your fellow travelers.

In the evening, we’ll head out for a group dinner at a local restaurant (exclusive).

Your trainer, Helena, will introduce you to the fitness and bootcamp program starting today. Look forward to a variety of activities, including core workouts, technique training, yoga and meditation sessions, stretching, beach runs and more.

We’ll also discuss and organize your planned diving activities. In the evening, we’ll dine together at a chosen restaurant.

After a morning bootcamp session and a delicious breakfast, it’s time to hit the water. For those trying the introductory dive, the day begins with a brief diving theory session. Your dive leader will explain the equipment and practice essential skills in the pool.

After a short break, you’ll head to the ocean for a shallow water dive, exploring Tofo’s tropical underwater world with your dive leader and an assistant.

For those enrolled in a full diving course, the day starts similarly but includes more theory and pool exercises. Beginner courses consist of 4 ocean dives, pool sessions and theory lessons.

Diving can be tiring, so your fitness trainer will offer a stretch and relax session in the late afternoon.

Start the day with a morning bootcamp!

Diving courses continue with a mix of pool exercises and ocean dives.

In the afternoon, Helena offers a Yin Yoga session.

For those not diving, it’s a perfect day to relax by the pool or try another activity, such as a surfing lesson.

Today is thrilling! After a Yin Yang Yoga Flow session and a hearty breakfast, we’ll all hop on a zodiac to search for whale sharks, dolphins and other marine creatures. The two-hour snorkelling tour takes us along Tofo’s south coast. We zigzag slowly to spot these gentle giants and snorkel with them. With luck, we might also see humpback whales from the boat during the African winter.

In the afternoon, you’ll enjoy a “High Rocks” bootcamp session.

In the evening, we’ll dine together at the “Tofo, Tofo” restaurant, enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet of Mozambican delicacies and live music.

As usual, we kick off the morning with Helena’s mobility training! For those learning to dive or with a diving certification, it’s back to the water.

Non-divers have the option to explore other activities, perhaps a cultural Inhambane city tour? We’ll help you organize it.

In the afternoon, it’s time for technique training: push-ups and squats. We’ll reward ourselves with a group dinner in the evening.

Tofo’s beautiful beaches are perfect for an early morning run. We’ll jog together along the endless sandy shores.

The diving courses conclude with the final dive, and we’ll celebrate in the evening! But not without a core workout focusing on strengthening your essential muscles to improve posture.

Today is a day to relax. The fitness and bootcamp programme continues as usual with a morning bootcamp and an evening stretch & relax session.

The rest of the day is yours to enjoy. Optionally, we can organise something fun, like kayaking and lunch in Barra. Barra is a nearby village known for its mangroves and tropical mudflats.

Enjoy an incredible day on the water. A traditional wooden sailboat (dhow) will take you through Barra’s tropical tidal flats. We’ll stop to snorkel with seahorses, visit an island village for a sumptuous traditional lunch and sail back.

The fitness programme continues with a relaxing Yoga Flow in the morning and Yin Yoga in the evening.

After the Yin Yang Yoga Flow, another exciting water tour awaits. For two hours, we’ll head out on the zodiac to spot humpback whales and possibly snorkel with them.

After this fantastic experience, you’ll have enough energy for the afternoon bootcamp and Helena’s surprise final challenge.

On your second last day, Helena has a special yoga and meditation programme planned. Divers will take a break, as diving is not recommended the day before flying.

In the evening, we’ll dine at the Japanese restaurant “Sumi,” enjoying great food and ambiance.

Depending on your flight time, you’ll be driven to Inhambane Airport. It’s time to say goodbye and take the wonderful memories of Mozambique back home with you.

Secreto Travel Panorama Tofo Tofinho

Your Trainer & Your Work Out Plan



Helena’s Beach Bootcamps reveal a magical array of activities cantered around fitness and well-being. In small groups, we start every morning and evening with harmonious training sessions that are versatile and perfectly complementary. The special part: we always stay outdoors, surrounded by the fresh sea breeze!

Training for everyone!

Whether you haven’t engaged in physical activities for a long time or are aiming for peak performance, Helena, your trainer, will tailor the exercises to suit you and help you achieve your personal goals.

The intensive program includes functional HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), circuit training, running sessions, core training, mobility, stretching & relaxation, as well as fascia training. All of this is professionally guided and, most importantly, carried out together as a team! Helena’s motto is clear:


Helena is your personal trainer in Mozambique. She not only motivates her participants through intense workouts but also ensures they have a lot of fun! With her expertise from her sports studies, numerous additional qualifications, years of practical experience and yoga knowledge, she skillfully sets the tone. After all, life is all about balance!

A nature enthusiast herself, Helena enjoys outdoor activities. Her ongoing wanderlust has perfectly combined her passion with physical activities in the most beautiful places in the world.

Diving in Tofo

Diving in Tofo is something truly special, especially due to encounters with large marine creatures and rarely explored reefs. Biodiversity is one of the major attractions. Depending on the season and luck with nature, there is a chance to spot manta rays and other ray species, turtles, humpback whales, whale sharks, dolphins and sharks.

The reefs consist of a mix of rocks and corals, with reefs often starting at depths of 20 meters or more. Conditions for divers can be challenging at times. There are periods when deep dive sites may be affected by currents and shallow sites may be influenced by wave movements. Conditions change daily and are hard to predict, making diving in Tofo exciting!

That’s why diving in Tofo remains flexible regarding the dive schedule and choice of dive sites. Safety always takes top priority!

Learning to Dive

If you opt for a beginner course, you will be certified by PADI.

The beginner course includes a theory package, which you can complete online and also on your mobile phone with the help of the PADI app. The practical part involves several sessions of pool exercises and four dives in shallow water. Some exercises learned in the pool will be repeated in the ocean. Equipment for the course is provided, but it is recommended to purchase your own diving mask that fits your face perfectly.

Preparation for dives and courses often starts early in the day (07:30 am) or around noon depending on the booked dive. You will receive your individual schedule on-site.

Detailed information and prices for courses and dives can be found here:

Whale Sharks of Tofo

Whale Shark Snorkelling & Humpback Whale Tour


Mozambique, particularly the southern coast of Tofo, is renowned for year-round sightings of whale sharks. On our ocean safaris, also known as snorkelling tours, there’s a chance to snorkel with these giants or even dolphins.

After a comprehensive briefing about the wildlife that you may encounter both above and below the water, as well as the guidelines for snorkelling with whale sharks, your guide and skipper will take you out on a rubber boat (max. 14 participants) to search together for large, dark shadows and fins in the water.

Once a whale shark is spotted, the boat stops, and upon the skipper’s command, you have the opportunity to quietly slip into the water.

Don’t worry, the largest shark in the world has no teeth and is often very gentle and slow-moving. The skipper and the boat will accompany you, always keeping an eye on you and will collect you from the spot where you are in the water.

Duration: 2 hours



During the humpback whale season from June to September/October, the Whale Interaction Tour offers you the chance to see these giants from the boat or even in and under the water. It’s an ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT: In the African winter, humpback whales migrate from the waters of South Africa northwards into the channel between Mozambique and Madagascar, especially humpback whale mothers with calves. Therefore, on this rubber boat excursion, there’s the opportunity for you to see these enchanting ocean creatures.

The special feature: only 1 rubber boat in the interaction, sustainable and considerate, including a hydrophone to hear whale songs.

Duration: 2 hours

Traditional Sailing on the Dhow


You set off towards Barra, a place known for its mangroves and tropical tidal flats – home to numerous young tropical fish. Sailing on a dhow, a simple traditional wooden Mozambican sailing vessel, you traverse a tropical tidal flat to a small island village.

Along the way, you anchor in the turquoise, shallow waters and go snorkelling together.

The shallow sea areas provide protection for many young reef fish, as well as starfish and sea urchins in a variety of colours. The seagrass meadows are home to seahorses. Your guide will show you where to find them. Snorkelling equipment is, of course, provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own gear on board.

After snorkelling, you head to the Mozambican village for a lavish local lunch. Here, you will also get a small tour of the village, see the school, the health center, the village huts and get an impression of how traditional sailboats are built (only if in operation).

With full bellies, you then sail back and later fall into a deep sleep filled with experiences.

Duration: full-day tour

Optional Activities in and around Tofo

Secreto Travel Inhambane Tour
Tauchen in Tofo


You can book an introduction lesson (60 minutes) with a local Mozambican surf instructor, including a beginner’s board.

Your surf instructor will demonstrate dry exercises on the beach, showing you the best stance on the surfboard. Afterward, you’ll head straight into the waves in the Tofo Bay. Your surf instructor will be in the water with you and the surfboard, helping you catch a good wave. They will provide instructions on how to stand on the board effectively.

The waves in Tofo are powerful, and you may get tired quickly. It’s advisable to eat something beforehand and drink enough water to have sufficient strength. Sun protection is also crucial!

Of course, the prerequisite is that you can swim.


You can enjoy kayaking in the mangroves of Barra. Typically, the excursion heads towards Barra in the morning, specifically targeting the mangroves. On a guided kayak tour, you paddle in tandem kayaks through the shallow waters. There is an opportunity to discover the local birdlife and search for crabs and starfish in the water.

Following the tour, there is always an opportunity for lunch at a beach bar or a nice restaurant afterward.

Duration: Kayaking 2 hours


Want to delve deeper into history and culture? A guided tour of Inhambane is the perfect opportunity. Ideally, a half-day excursion would encompass a mix of architectural sightseeing, vibrant local markets, rural hospitals, local schools and churches.


Tofo’s beaches seem endless, allowing you to walk for kilometres with few encounters.

It’s entirely possible to go on independent beach walks. Occasionally, you may encounter beach vendors offering fresh coconut water, bracelets and various other items. While this may seem bothersome at times, a simple “No, thank you” is usually sufficient. The vendors are harmless and often appreciate a friendly chat.

On selected days, there is also the opportunity to participate in a beach clean-up, often organized by the surrounding dive shops or the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Unfortunately, no place on Earth remains untouched by plastic, although it is relatively limited in Tofo. However, every piece of plastic collected counts, preventing it from ending up in the stomachs of the stunning marine megafauna.


The beach is influenced by tides, causing water levels to vary. Tides also affect the currents along the shore. Therefore, it is strongly advised NOT to swim alone in secluded areas; only swim where there are many people (Tofo Bay, near the market). Lifeguards are only on-site on selected days.


Tofo boasts excellent restaurants.

Here’s a selection of cuisines to look forward to: Japanese & Sushi, Indian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Asian Fusion, Mozambican, Italian, South African, Burgers, Fish.

For a small price, you can still enjoy truly local, traditional cuisine. Matapa, a rice dish with cassava leaves (similar to spinach) in a peanut and coconut-based sauce, is very popular.

Local fish is also caught here. Traditional fishermen venture far into the ocean with wooden boats and paddles to bring back their catch to Tofo, which is then available at selected times on the small marketplace.

In the evenings and at night, there are music and dance events on selected days. Either with live bands or DJs spinning tunes, often outdoors.

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